The AVMG Endoluminal Occlusion System (EOS) device has been developed for the immediate occlusion in the peripheral arterial and venous vasculature.

The system is comprised of a self expandable implantable occlusion device and a delivery catheter.


ArtVentive Medical Group, Inc. is a highly innovative, multi faceted medical device corporation dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing a family of endoluminal occlusion devices (EOS), enabling a minimally-invasive, immediate blockage of targeted veins, arteries and tubes within the body. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Carlsbad California, USA.

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The AVMG Endoluminal Occlusion System is intended for arterial and venous embolization in the peripheral vasculature.


The device may be used to treat the following conditions:
  • Varicocele
  • Gonadal vein treatment for pelvic varices in females with chronic pelvic pain
  • Stopping blood loss from a damaged blood vessel due to a traumatic arterial injury
  • Hemorrhage caused by a neoplasia
  • Closing an abnormal blood vessel or blood vessels supplying a vascular anomaly such as arteriovenous malformations or arteriovenous fistulas
  • Interrupting blood supply to an organ or part of an organ for permanent devascularization such as closure of the splenic artery in splenic laceration or injury
  • Devascularization of tissues involved by a neoplastic process either pre-operatively or as a palliative measure
  • Stopping gastrointestinal bleeding